About Us

cmd+c is a GenZ production company by the couple Marina Prados (Barcelona) and Paula Knüpling (Berlin).

We believe there is a need to produce queer, feminist, young, migrant voices and diverse stories that break the rules of the establishment. cmd+c was founded with the intention to create queer structures in front of and behind the camera and stage and to engage with each other fairly, respectfully and creatively.

We describe our work as transarts. We combine film, theater, opera, musical, and documentary, working fluidly between these genres and formats, always on the border between fiction and reality. Always camp, queer and always political.

Theatrical work has been seen at Volksbühne at P14, Schaubude and Ballhaus Ost Theater. Our first mid-length film Family of the Year (2020) screened at the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2021 in the Introducing series. The first feature length film Ladybitch (2021) is currently in the works.

Marina Prados was born in Barcelona and studied at Institut del Teatre, ESAD. She currently lives between Berlin and Barcelona. Selected twice for Biennale Theatre College in Venice she worked with Agrupación Señor Serrano as well as Anna-Sophie Mahler. She represented ESAD at Kammerspiele München under the direction of Matthias Lilienthal. She appeared as an actress and director in the theatre groups Els Malnascuts (Barcelona) and P14 (Berlin) as well as in StudioЯ (Maxim Gorki Theatre) and HAU. After an internship in Volksbühne, she completed her work as an assistant for production, direction and dramaturgy at StudioЯ. In 2017 Marina and her partner Paula Knüpling founded cmd+c Company. In addition to workshops for children, Marina is responsible for production in Barcelona, the conception of the shows and the creative development of the individual projects.

Paula Knüpling is a Berlin born actress and director living between Berlin and Barcelona. Since 2006 she has worked for film and television companies like Constantin Film, X Filme, UFA, ARD and ZDF with directors such as Dani Levy, Julie Delpy, Bodo Fürneisen and Angela Schanelec. From 2014 on she was part of the theatre group P14, in which she acted as well as gained her first directing experience. After her internship with the film production company EIKON Media, she completed a free cultural year at Volksbühne in press, public relations and dramaturgy. In 2017 Paula and her partner Marina Prados founded cmd+c Company. Besides creating theatre workshops for children, Paula is in charge of production in Berlin, the technical aspects of each production and the creative development of all projects.